Jaray Ka Math Barua Sagar | Trip-3

Under Explore Bundelkhand campaign, the founder members made a step ahead. Mueen Akhtar & Dr. Brajesh Kumar made a Trip to Jaray Ka Math. The object was clear on this trip- exploring more and more and painting more paintings. Artist Vikrant Jha was not on this trip due to personal reasons. But some of the students joined this trip and learned so many things.


On 10 Feb 2022, the founder artists of Explore Bundelkhand Campaign visited Jaray Ka Math in Barua Sagar. Actually, they were planning to host a workshop in Barua Sagar Fort for Plein-air painting. But on the way, they found Jaray ka Math before the fort. So they landed here and visit this great monument.

The magnificent work of sculpture & Architect in Jaray ka Math attracted them deeply. All the artists on the trip forgot for what they come to Barua Sagar. However, they started to discover the masterpieces of these monuments. That was the moment that led them to come again. So on 25 Dec 2022, the third trip of Explore Bundelkhand was made by Mueen Akhtar & Dr. Brajesh Kumar.

Past Trips

Jaray Ka math

Day, Time & Route

Sunday, 25 Dec 2022, at 9 am in the morning, Mueen Akhtar started by his own car from his home to Jaray-Ka-Math. On the way, he had to pick up Dr. Brajesh Kumar and his students from Bundelkhand University Area. So, he took the route, Awas Vikas, to University via- Elite Crossing and Bus Stand. After picking up them, they took Medical road and taking Gwalior bye pass road to Barua Sagar. Near 09.45 am they reached Jaray Ka Math.

Workshop at Jaray Ka Path

This trip is focused to paint this great architecture and its art. So 11 am onwards, Mueen Akhtar started his Plein-air painting. He captures one of the sides of the temple with watercolor on paper. He showed them how to do basic drawing with a pencil to watercolor wash. Finally, after a couple of hours of continuous work, he made a masterpiece. He did step-by-step work and demonstrated how to do watercolor painting. The students who were with them took some tips from Mueen Akhtar regarding watercolor painting.

On the other hand, Dr. Brajesh Kumar Along with his students explained the details of the monuments. He captured the details of the monument with his DSLR camera. He also taught the students about cameras and photography.

Jaray Ka Math
Jaray Ka Math
Jaray Ka Math

Highlights of The Trip

  • The trip was made on Sunday, 25 Dec 2022.
  • Mr. Mueen Akhtar, Brajesh Kumar, and five students were on this trip.
  • The first half of the day was spent on painting or capturing the Monument.
  • Mueen Akhtar & Brajesh also explored Jaray Ki Madiya and one more old ancient structure.
  • The structures were in bad condition. These historical pieces of evidence need special attention & care at archeological and administrative levels.
  • Watercolor Master Mueen Akhtar made a masterpiece with watercolor on paper. It was so beautiful enhancing the beauty of Jaray ka Math.
  • After having light refreshments, the group approached Barua Sagar Fort around 04.30 pm. on the same day.
  • Mueen Akhtar did a quick sketch with watercolor there.
  • The rest of the people visited and captured the fort with their cameras.s.
Jaray Ka Math


This trip was one of the primary trips of Campain- Explore Bundelkhand. Although it’s not up to the targeted level as we expect, yet a very fruitful at the initial level. The result of the trip had been the watercolor painting of Master Mueen Akhtar and many snaps taken by Dr. Brajesh Kumar.

Overall, It was a successful trip to Explore Bundelkhand campaign. The artists of this campaign got energy and charged their self up for the upcoming next trip.

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