Explore Bundelkhand Reaches to IWS India

Explore Bundelkhand reaches to IWS India International Pleinair Festival & Exhibition-2023. Artists from Bundelkhand took part in this International event. Mueen Akhtar & Dinesh Shringrishi were the artists who represents Bundelkhand in International Pleinair Festival & Exhibition-2023. The watercolor paintings of these two artists were selected for this event.

International Pleinair Festival & Exhibition-2023.

IWS India hosted Pleinair Festivals & Exhibition-2023 on the occasion of International Watercolor Day. There are so many things at the Pleinair festival. Lots of Demos were there of the watercolor Masters, Exhibition, and pleinair. Five days exhibition was set up there in the personal gallery of Anitoon Institute. In fact, it was the gallery of Amit Kapoor.

Mueen Akhtar‘s Participation in the Exhibition

Eminent Artist of Bundelkhand Mueen Akhtar represented Bundelkhand in this International Exhibition. He was one of the many selected artists for the show. In fact, It was an honor for any artist from Bundelkhand to be part of such a big show in Delhi. He went there and saw many watercolorists. Especially, he met with Vilas Kulkarni, Amit Kapoor, Pooja Kumar, and many other renowned artists.

Explore Bundelkhand Reaches To International Platform

Mueen Akhtar & Vikrant Jha along with Dr. Brajesh Kumar explored Deogarh under Explore Bundelkhand Campaign. They created some paintings there during pleinair work. Artist Mueen Akhtar sent one of those works to IWS India for International Exhibition. His painting Dashavatar Temple was displayed there. You can see the images of the catalog below.

IWS India
Mueen Akhtar’s Painting Dashavatar Temple in IWS India International Watercolor Exhibition-2023

Dashawatar Temple’s Watercolor Painting

Dashawatar Temple of Deograh in dist Lalitur is an ancient historical significance. This is the only known temple which was built of bricks. Under the campaign, Explore Bundelkhand, Mueen, Vikrant & Brajesh visited this place. Hence, during this visit, artists Mueen Akhtar & Vikrant Jha created a watercolor painting of the Dashawatara Temple. So, the place has an importance in art.

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