Explore Bundelkhand Starts from Lalitpur (Trip-1)

Explore Bundelkhand Campaign starts from Lalitpur. Explore Bundelkhand is a campaign to promote watercolor painting in Bundelkhand. Eminent Artist Mueen Akhtar has started this campaign to paint the beautiful scapes & Monuments of Bundelkhand. Along with Mueen Akhtar, Mr. Vikrant Jha is also standing with him to promote this campaign. Both artists are determined to cover the whole Bundelkhand area in their watercolor paintings. The whole campaign is run by these two artists sponsored by the Bundelkhand Art Society.

Past Trips

Explore Bundelkhand starts

Initially, Mueen Akhtar along with Vikrant Jha started the campaign from Lalitpur. They choose Govind Sagar Lake or Govind Sagar Dam for the opening of the campaign.

Mueen Akhtar, Vikrant Jha, and local artist Jagdeep Soni reached Govind Sagar on 30 Sep 2022. Around 10 am they reached on spot and started painting Govind Sagar Dam. Mueen Akhtar and Vikrant Jha painted Dam. While Jagdeep Soni painted nature around it. Here are the images of the pleinair painting:

Why Explore Bundelkhand ?

Explore Bundelkhand Campaign is to provide wide publicity to the Bundelkhand region with the promotion of watercolor painting. The campaign is totally focused on the watercolor painting of the Bundelkhand area. Later on, we added photography to this campaign.

The main person of this campaign eminent watercolor Artist Mueen says:

We are focusing to make Bundelkhand Region as a centre for popular Watercolour painting as well as tourist spot. Therefore, we started the campaign Explore Bundelkhand with watercolour. Soon we will cover each and every corner of the region. By exploring the beauty, we will bring them in the form of paintings and photographs.

Mueen Akhtar
Explore Bundelkhand

Origin of Explore Bundelkhand

Jhansi-born Watercolorist Mueen Akhtar thought about the Explore Bundelkhand for the first time. He wishes to paint the whole Bundelkhand Region with watercolor. His best friend Vikrant Jha is also with him in watercolor passion. So Vikrant Jha also joined hands with Mueen Akhtar in this campaign. Initially, both Artists planned for Explore Bundelkhand.

Later on, Dr. Brijesh Parihar also joined them with photography. Now This campaign is being run by these three Artists. Two of them are watercolorists and one is a photographer.

Explore Bundelkhand
Explore Bundelkhand


  • These artists will paint the beauty of the Bundelkhand region with watercolor.
  • Explore Bundelkhand will provide opportunities to explore the Bundelkhand area for the world.
  • The campaign will promote watercolor painting & photography in the Bundelkhand region.
  • This campaign will increase the possibilities of tourism in the Bundelkhand region.
  • Explore Bundelkhand will help tourists & Art lover to explore & visit each and every spot of the Bundelkhand area.
  • Hence the campaign will host spot painting workshops, painting tours, spot exhibitions, and sightseeing programs.
  • We will explore hidden & neglected spots of the region & promote them through watercolor paintings & photography.
  • We will invite the experts and great masters of watercolor to places of Bundelkhand. These places may be famous as well as hidden or neglected spots. So that, the real hidden beauties of Bundelkhand may be explored.

Expectations from People & Artist Community

This campaign needs wide publicity and popularity among the people and the artists’ community of the region. People will join this campaign in anyways they can join. Even, they can even come to us and enjoy visiting the area and watching us paint these surroundings.

So, Mueen Akhtar, Vikrant Jha, and Dr. Brajesh Kumar urge the people and artists’ community to join them. However, they can paint or can visit the places.

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