Exploration in Deogarh Starts by Four Artists (Trip-2)

Again stepping ahead in exploring Bundelkhand, the four artists made a trip to Devgarh. Devgarh is a place of historic significance. Mueen Akhtar, Vikrant Jha, Dr. Brajesh Kumar & Jagdeep Soni are the four artists who explored Deogarh on 10 Oct 2022. They visited & started Exploration in Deogarh with watercolor & camera. They painted the Dashavatar Temple of Deogarh. However, this is the first trip to Deogarh under Explore Bundelkhand. They visited here and made some sketches and paintings. Also, photography was done by Dr. Brajesh Kumar.

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The best way to reach there is to reach Lalitpur first. Then, take a road trip to reach there. Deogarh is well-connected with Lalitpur through a road.

This village has the Dashavatar Temple and Jain Temples on the hill near Dashavatar Temple. Before climbing the hill to see the Jain temple, you will find a Jain Ashram. However, you can stay here and you can find cheap and nice food anytime.

Deogarh is a historical place in Bundelkhand. Deogarh Village is situated in the Lalitpur District of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is on the right bank of the Betwa River. This area has many ancient Gupta monuments at the river bank & many Jain monuments inside and outside the fort wall on the hill. The fort has three Ghaat:

  • The Nahar Ghat
  • The Rajghat
  • The Ghat with saint Cave (Siddh Ki Gufa)

Exploration in Deogarh

Early in the morning, all the artists started all the way to Deogarh. They started their trip by car. In fact, the freshness of the morning and the beauty of nature made the trip more pleasant. though the green valley of nature, they reached their destination.

First of all, they stepped into Dashavatar Temple. The aura of this ancient monument impressed these artists in no time. After observing and visiting the place, all the artists took the position to start their works. Artists Mueen Akhtar & Vikrant Jha started their watercolor painting. While Jagdeep Soni painted with acrylic color. On the other hand, Dr. Brajesh Kumar clicked the scene & monuments with a DSLR.

After some time, the attraction & glimpse of monuments getting reflected on papers. Here are some images of the moments:

explore bundelkhand
Mueen Akhtar & Vikrant Jha going for Exploration of Deogarh

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