Explore Bundelkhand

Explore Bundelkhand

Explore Bundelkhand is a campaign to promote watercolor painting in Bundelkhand. Eminent Artist Mueen Akhtar has started this campaign to paint the beautiful scapes & Monuments of Bundelkhand. Along with Mueen Akhtar, Mr. Vikrant Jha & Dr. Brajaesh Kumar are also standing with him to promote this campaign. These artists are determined to cover the whole Bundelkhand area in their watercolor paintings & photography. The whole campaign is run by these three artists and sponsored by the Bundelkhand Art Society & Kala Shiksha Samiti.


Explore Bundelkhand Campaign is to provide wide publicity to the Bundelkhand region with the promotion of watercolor painting & photography. The campaign is totally focused on Plein air painting & photography of the Bundelkhand area.


Bundelkhand-born Artist Mueen Akhtar wishes to paint the beauty of the Bundelkhand region. He has the dream to capture each and every historical monument, village scene, Betwa riversides, and city of Bundelkhand. Mr. Vikrant also stands with Mueen in this project. The main objectives of this campaign are:

  1. We will paint the beauty of the Bundelkhand region with watercolor & photography.
  2. Explore Bundelkhand will provide opportunities to explore the Bundelkhand area in the world.
  3. The campaign is for people who love art tours, Plein air painting, traveling, and want to capture nature with a camera.
  4. The campaign will promote watercolor painting & photography in the Bundelkhand Region.
  5. This campaign will increase the possibilities of tourism in the Bundelkhand region.
  6. Although this campaign focused on watercolor painting, we support all types of art techniques to paint the Bundelkhand Region. So a common painting workshop will also be supported by us.
  7. Explore Bundelkhand will help tourists & Art lover to explore & visit each and every spot of the Bundelkhand area.
  8. Hence the campaign will host spot painting workshops, painting tours, spot exhibitions, and sightseeing programs.
  9. We will explore hidden & neglected spots of the region & promote them through watercolor paintings.
  10. The experts and great masters of watercolor will be invited to the famous as well as hidden or neglected spots. So that the real hidden beauties of Bundelkhand may be explored.

Visit the beauty of Bundelkhand with us in Artistic way!

Art & Tourism togather for the First time in Bundelkhand

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can join the campaign Explore Bundelkhand?

Any person who wishes to visit Bundelkhand or to capture the beauty of this region with watercolor can join our Campaign Explore Bundelkhand.

2. How to join Explore Bundelkhand Campaign?

If you wish to join us, just contact one of these three coordinators of this Campain- Mueen Akhtar, Vikrant Jha & Dr. Brajesh Kumar. You can also contact on this no +91 9026219345. You can also mail us on explorebundelkhand@gmail.com

3. What if I am not an artist, May I still join this campaign?

Yes, non-artist people who wish to visit famous monuments or areas of Bundelkhand can join us. Even they can join us in the watercolor workshop as visitors.

4. Is this campaign only for art or for else?

No, Explore Bundelkhand campaign is a combination of Art & Tourism. It promotes tourism and art both. This campaign is sponsored by Bundelkhand Art Society and Kala Shiksha Samiti.